Mystic Training

Mystic Training 1.0

Mystic Training is a free flash game based on "Mystic Power Rangers" characters
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Mystic Training is a free flash game based on "Mystic Power Rangers" characters. You will train the five Power Rangers in different challenges. The Yellow Power Ranger will have to fulfil the "Electric Bolt" challenge, in which he must throw electrified arrows at floating targets. The Green Power Ranger’s challenge is "Wall Builder", where he must build a protective wall using brambles. The Purple Power Ranger’s challenge is "Shape Shifting Racer", where she must transform in an eagle, a butterfly, or a snake while racing through the forest. Red Power Ranger’s challenge is the "Fire Sword", in which he must block the attack of incoming fireballs. The Blue Power Ranger will face the "Water Control" challenge, in which she must build water pillars where she can jump to in order to keep going.

You can choose the challenge you want to face by spinning a wheel with the photographs of the Mystic Power Rangers. The game will show you a screen with instructions for each challenge. All challenges are played just by using your mouse and pressing the left button to perform actions. During the whole game, you will hear the Power Ranger’s theme as background music.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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